Yeni Bir Dunya- There were people walking arm in arm with gratitude
This way everyone reached after a[repeated] A new world, a new world They were establishing a new world[repeated]

Each side of the gleaming like skies They were establishing a new world[repeated] Together we are building a new world
We meet with the love in Turkish The song meshes seamlessly with the evangelical message of the cleric; it's his own poem, and it's one of the Movement themes that the Zaman empire exists to promulgate

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gulen "New World Order" Ukraine-Ukraynalı öğrencilerden 'Yeni Bir Dünya'

Meridian International School

Ir's important to remind everyone about Ukraine being a major pipeline hub for Russia
also the Turkish Gulen Schools are in Romania, Poland and Belarus surrounding countries.
Russia kicked out the CIA backed Gulen Turkish Schools years ago.

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